The Division cinematic trailer – E3 2014

10 06 2014

Tom Clancy’s The Division — Take Back New York T…:

I really hope the gameplay is as intense as this trailer. Being able to pay as a squad will be fun. Being able to learn and recall small (and possibly large) story arcs would be incredible. I am getting some of that from Wildstar already and I freaking love it!

The final act of @TimeGateStudios. So gl

24 04 2014

The final act of @TimeGateStudios. So glad to see this game finished! #HOUGamer

Ubi is on fire!

21 04 2014

The Division Gameplay (HD):

I recently picked up Ghost Recon Phantoms and have not been able to pull myself away to pay anything else this week. That includes Wildstar beta which I still contend is the most well put together MMO releasing this year (Seriously. It’s crazy fun.). But, I digress.

Phantoms is a lot of fun, offers plenty of challenges, and brings some new ideas to the FPS table. Saying that, I wondered where they were going with some of these ideas given that Phantoms is free to play. Now I know. Some of what you see in the squad dynamics looks very derivative of The Division.

This video is a great look at what is coming next. If the story is half as well composed as the concepts seen in this trailer, Ubi is going to have one of the best FPS games on the market.

Thank you, @CapyGames and @Steam_Games!

11 04 2014

Thank you, @CapyGames and @Steam_Games! This is the best news of the day.

Orcs Must Die UNCHAINED! coming soon to a lane near you.

11 04 2014

I have a confession to make – I suck at MOBA games. There. I said it. And yet I still have the desire to play them. I have given up on every one that I have tried. But here I am getting excited about another one.

I have always been a fan of the OMD series and the thought of going head-to-head with this property in this manner makes me giddy. Good work Robot, you have my attention!

This. All day. All night. Always. #Godzi

5 10 2013

This. All day. All night. Always. #Godzilla

Down with Below

29 08 2013

It seems that I missed something when Capy Games announced their new game, Below.

Now, I have followed Capy Games ever since I got hooked on Critter Crunch when I first got my PS3. If you haven’t played Critter Crunch, you are missing out. It’s hilarious, addicting fun.

But I digress, this morning I stumbled on a screenshot from Below in a tweet by Kris Piotrowski and had to ask myself, “What is this lovely?”. So I went on a search.

While I didn’t find much more than a beautiful poster on the Below site, I did find this little trailer than honestly had me stunned for four minutes. It’s gorgeous. I have never seen such terrific attention to detail in a low res graphic and I love it.

So, now, while I couldn’t make PAX this year (/le sigh), I am very much anticipating what we are going to see from those rascally rodents this week.