Down with Below

29 08 2013

It seems that I missed something when Capy Games announced their new game, Below.

Now, I have followed Capy Games ever since I got hooked on Critter Crunch when I first got my PS3. If you haven’t played Critter Crunch, you are missing out. It’s hilarious, addicting fun.

But I digress, this morning I stumbled on a screenshot from Below in a tweet by Kris Piotrowski and had to ask myself, “What is this lovely?”. So I went on a search.

While I didn’t find much more than a beautiful poster on the Below site, I did find this little trailer than honestly had me stunned for four minutes. It’s gorgeous. I have never seen such terrific attention to detail in a low res graphic and I love it.

So, now, while I couldn’t make PAX this year (/le sigh), I am very much anticipating what we are going to see from those rascally rodents this week.