Orcs Must Die UNCHAINED! coming soon to a lane near you.

11 04 2014

I have a confession to make – I suck at MOBA games. There. I said it. And yet I still have the desire to play them. I have given up on every one that I have tried. But here I am getting excited about another one.

I have always been a fan of the OMD series and the thought of going head-to-head with this property in this manner makes me giddy. Good work Robot, you have my attention!

WildStar DevSpeak – Aiming

11 07 2013

It has been a while since I said anything about WildStar. Part of this has been because my schedule hasn’t really allowed for much of anything outside of work and family.

The other part is that I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of content being pushed out for this game with, probably, months to go before launch. With that said, there are two things I always look foward to: WildStar Wednesday and new DevSpeak!

Honestly, the DevSpeak is my favorite of the two because they do a great job of going in depth on a single topic in a small amount of time. They are excellently produced and edited which makes them a delight to watch…and because I always learn something new or see something that gets me wound up even more to play this game.

This time around was no exception. While we have known about telegraphs for a while now, it was great to learn about the different options for learning your telegraphs and how movement works with them. This is also the first time for me to be gleefully watching and have my gaming companion from work walk up and ask what this amazing looking new game is called (even though I have shown it to him a few times before). 😉 Win!

So, take a few minutes to learn about the aiming system for WildStar. Make sure you stay through the end for a good larf too.

Officially Official Destiny gameplay video

5 07 2013

So that last one was not quite the real deal. This video is more like it. While the scripted dialogue was really awful, the rest of the video is stunning and has me itching to get in game.

In particular, two things really stand out for me. The first is the upgrade path on the heavy weapon that they show. BF3 is okay in their pick-a-path method of upgrading weapons but Bungie really seems on the right path here.

The other bit that grabbed me was the lighting. Watch the lighting as they travel outside and transition into the wall. Then, once inside the wall, the light coming through what I can only describe as an internal window is gorgeous and almost perfect. While easier to recreate, the illumination provided by the Ghost is excellent and does a terrific job of highlighting how much detail has been put into the layers used in the materials skins.

All in all, while I was already listening, Bungie has definitely got my attention now. And if they need some quality voice actors, I might know a few people there too.

Destiny Gameplay Trailer

11 06 2013

Here it is! The first actual gameplay footage from Destiny raises plenty of questions for me. It looks great and the game play looks plenty polished for being so early in the development cycle (for a 2014 release that is). I hope that we get more on the play styles of the different classes a la Wildstar.

I would really like to see cross platform play come from this group. Otherwise, I worry that it’s going to get desolate and that the AI will quickly overwhelm single players and small groups.

I suppose we just have to wait and see.

Character Development in Bungie’s Destiny

29 03 2013

Originally, I was super excited to see Destiny coming. But I have to admit that the official reveal was really underwhelming. This vid goes a good way to pulling my interest back. I’m a sucker for good character design and it looks like Destiny has this in spades. Now, about that story line…

Wednesday was whack so I missed #Wildsta

29 03 2013

Wednesday was whack so I missed #Wildstar Wednesday. Welcome to housing! Best home concept I have seen in an MMO. http://ow.ly/jzYgp

Bungie’s Destiny Story Details, Concept

29 11 2012

Bungie’s Destiny Story Details, Concept Art Leaked – @IGN @Bungie Given their history and these images, I’m in. #Destiny http://ow.ly/fFgZT


13 10 2012

October 9, 2015 – The first pods came crashing down tonight. At first we all thought it was another Halloween hoax like Orson Welles pulled so long ago. Then the reports started coming in…strange sighting, chaos, destruction, and mass casualties. It wasn’t long after that the call came in. This was the real thing. This was the official activation of XCOM.


X-COM for life

15 09 2012

If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about with @Xcom, this video is a great place to start. Love this game! http://ow.ly/dJLCh

X-Com Live!

29 08 2012

That’s right! Finally, 2K and Firaxis were able to give us a first official look at true game play on X-Com: Enemy Unknown. It’s a long and somewhat hectic video just like the original and it is SO worth it. Grab a drink, get comfortable, and prepare to fall in love all over again.